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Javascript Center Pop Up - Default Style

Pop up windows are additional html objects opened on a web page. The popups are opened programmatically using JavaScript.

Javascript center pop up are used extensively for displaying advertisements. It is a approved method of generating good income from a website.

In general the following are the ways to use pop up windows:

- Pay per click advertisements
- Request subscription to a news letter
- Request survey from the visitors
- Banner exchanges
- Display help information

The activation of the Popup is dependant on the purpose of the javascript center pop up. A help popup window could be opened when the visitor clicks on a 'help' link. Advertisements usually pop up when you visit a web page or when you exit a page.

Based on the activation method, Popups are of the following types:

- Open when the user clicks on a link or a button.
- Open on entering a page
- Open on entering a page; but keep inactive
- Open on exiting a page

Click here to open a new floating javascript center pop up window.

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Javascript onClick Popup - Windows XP Silver Style
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HTML Popup Dialog - Vista Graphite Style
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