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    What's New in Javascript Modal Popup

What's New in v3.3

Deluxe Menus (Dec 26, 2008)

New icons - 3600 new icons are added (available with the Developer License only).

Deluxe Popup Window v3.3 (Nov 19, 2008)
1. Internet Explorer 8 support for all Deluxe products!

2. First stable version of Popup Window! New structure of the data file!

Fixes for:
1. Deluxe Tuner didn't work correctly with Internet Explorer 8.

2. Minor fixes.

Deluxe Popup Window v3.2.9 (September 17, 2008)
1. Google Chrome support for all Deluxe products!

Deluxe Popup Window v3.2.5 (Feb 20, 2008)
1. Various effects for the entry and exit of the Deluxe Popup Window are added.
New parameters:
moveEffect=top;      //Window driving out from the given position
Values: "top", "left", "middle", "bottom".
fadeEffect=0 / 1;      //DHTML fading effect, where a window's opacity changes smoothly from one minimum value to a maximum value and back
opacity=80;      //Transparency in % (1 - 100)

2. Floating feature is added. When a page is scrolled the javascript modal popup remains visible.
New parameter:
floatable=no / floatable

3. New empty template is added. Now you can create javascript modal popup with your own style.

Deluxe Popup Window v3.2 beta (Jan 14, 2008)
1. First release (beta version).

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